Survey Concluded

Our Broadband Survey has now concluded. While we’re still crunching the numbers, here a couple of quick findings:

We received 1,019 non-duplicate survey entries.  Based on 5,093 occupied housing units,  this represents Madison households with 95% (+/- 2.75%) accuracy.   The assumptions made based on this data, therefore, will represent Madison households with 92.25% to 97.75% accuracy. This survey appears to validate previous results showing that approximately 60% of students, seniors, job seekers, families, and home businesses in Madison County lack access to broadband Internet.

In a nutshell, 66.7% of home Internet users said that the existing options do not meet their needs. Of that group, 86.9% said their connection was too slow and another 59.8% said that their connection was unreliable.

Of those who do not currently have Internet at home, 27.4% cited cost as the primary barrier, while 68.6% said that service isn’t available where they live.

Once we’ve completed our analysis, we’ll share the results on our main page at

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey!

Broadband Survey